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The history of Zizkov is closely related to Hussites war on 14. july 1420. The Hussites headed by Jan Zizka have won the battle against Crusades. In honor of this victory a brass statue was placed. Lately Zizkov was called by his name.

Zizkov is a famous beer district. It excels in a huge amount of pubs, where visitors can taste more than 50 kinds of Czech beer.

Nowadays there is the only one family mini brewery in Zizkov. It's called Victor. In a restaurant, atteched to a brewery you can taste a few kinds of fresh unfiltered beer of Plzen type. Classical light a dark beer is made from excellent materials (different kinds of malt, aromatic hops and water) without using concentrates. For fretting only natural ferments are used.

We offer You fresh unfiltered beer with different amount of alcohol – 10, 11 ,12, 13, 14. Also we've opened a Beer Museum, where you can find a unique exposition of beer history.

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